Today accidentally walked into one of those little shops that sell detergent from Germany. Sellers in these stores are generally quite knowledgeable and have solid arguments why the same thing intended for the German market differs seriously from the same about Bulgarian.

My question to seller was simple: “Where did the Tide? “He was honest, he did not know and asked me why exactly looking Tide, but I made an excellent comparison between the American and European market regarding the positioning of the brand washing powder. It turned out that even when there Tide in supermarkets, it was produced as an average price positioning in Europe, while in the US has been and continues to be in the premium segment today. I understand why the American Tide has no chance to appear in Europe.

Before I left I asked the man where he was trained to service and selling. And he told me that he graduated from the Royal College and business administration at Queen’s University in Spain! I asked him what he was doing here and he told me that care for their sick parents.

You can you imagine Bulgarians with such education being forced BG to open their shop for detergents (not that is something prestigious, but …) to have any normal income ?!

So, the services they offer this man was in an English style. Friendly, ask questions, interested. When it hits a stone, changing the packaging, type, direction … Apply successfully up-selling, and cross-selling. Events care and laundry me if you want. The techniques used to complete either-or … As a result, I never saw or checked the prices of products they bought (and god I did not need them today because recently the shop these products from the supermarket) but will gladly wait to come currently open them and try.

Like I attended a role playing game in training on selling and servicing and acts as a client. The man did everything by the book and different. Do not faltered once. Joy for the senses and a pleasure to shop with a very pleasant online experience.

Pay attention to where they were acquired education (school level) and schooling (University) of this man. With what mentality is and whether he serves so out of obligation? Why it is not like other siesari around?

But watch that these others did not intercept him …